Saturday, September 1, 2012


Last weekend my hubby and I had a day out.  We were invited to play in a best ball scramble.  That's golf, if you didn't know.  The course was a pretty drive a half hour away.  My hubby golfs all summer - he coaches baseball to feed his summer golf habit.  He had never golfed at this course.  So half the fun for him was trying out a new course.  I consider myself somewhat athletic.  I can goof around in most sports but golf is one I haven't played much.  I know and understand the game, but just don't play.  Basketball is the other - I can barely dribble a ball let alone shoot. 

A best ball scramble is the best format for this duffer.  We play as a foursome and everyone tees off.  Then we pick up our ball and move to the best ball hit.  Then all hit from there and continue to move to the best ball until we hit it in the cup.  The one main rule is each team has to use two drives from each person.  After that, it's fair game as to whose ball is used. 

Last year I played once and I've matched that amount of playing time with this tournament.  As I said, my hubby hadn't golfed here before and my golfing son was jealous (he wanted to play but I bumped him off the team and took his place).  We decided that he doesn't want to play this course.  It is laid out so tight and some holes criss-cross over each other.  On some holes we didn't know which direction we were supposed to hit.  Thankfully the couple we played with had played the course a few times and knew it (and they had a GPS for accurate yardage - huge advantage!).  I apologized to our teammates before we started since they are frequent golfers. 

We wanted to do this because it's a stress free time for me to play; hubby and I get to spend a day outside together; and the fee went to help a missionary family in Bangladesh.  How could we pass all that up?  I'm so glad we did it for all the above reasons.  And also because we WON!  Whoo hoo!  We shot a 16 under and won gift cards to a sporting goods store and a restaurant.  Bonus!

This weekend is a take-it-easy weekend.  College football starts (we've already watched a few games) and it's the last free weekend before everyone is back in school.  And it looks like we'll have nice weather to boot. 

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend and hopefully will have some fun activities planned - or maybe just take it easy.  Either way, enjoy!

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