Friday, September 20, 2013

One more hour

My baby (OK, so he's not so small - 6' 2+" and not too young - an adult, actually) is coming home for the weekend and will be here in about an hour.  I really didn't expect to see him until Christmas.  He doesn't have a car at college and I didn't know if there was anyone from our area at his school. 

Luckily, he met and made friends with another kid from our town and he even has a car. 

We received a call earlier this week from our son asking if it would be OK if he came home this weekend.  Are you kidding?  YES! 

I'm actually surprised as to how excited I am to see him.  Hopefully we'll get a few hours with him since there are a few guys from high school still in town. 

Either way, my baby is coming home this weekend and I am so excited. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Darn those appliances

If you read the post below then you know we made it home after getting our dogs and a pizza.  Who wants to cook after 5 hours driving home?  Not me!  Problem was, the oven wasn't heating up.  Well, after 1 hour it finally reached temperature.  I'm quick - I knew right then and there we had a problem. 

I put the pizza in the oven and after the allotted time the top looked wonderful but the bottom was doughy.  Yup, we had a burned out heating element.  My very smart hubby suggested I finish cooking the pizza on the stove top.  I cut the pizza in slices and fried each slice so the bottom cooked.  Worked great! 

The next day, Sunday, I called Sears to see about getting a new heating element.  They were sorry but they don't sell those in the stores.  What??  Monday I called and ordered our part.  My worry was what should be a simple task rarely ever is.  One of our family motto's is "nothing's easy".   About 4 days later the part came.  I read reviews about how to install.  Again, sounded easy, but....
Luckily, it wasn't too bad.  We were able to get that installed in about 20 minutes.  Not to shabby for us.

Oven is working great.

On to the microwave.  Ugh.  About a week ago we tried to heat up some food and a loud pop was heard with sparks flying in the microwave.  Umm, turn it off - FAST!  Out comes the owners manual and looking up the warranty.  Of course, we purchased that bugger 1 year and 18 days ago.  The warranty was for 1 year.  Have I said ugh yet? 

I call the store we purchased it from.  "Sorry, we can't do anything for you since you didn't purchase the extended warranty.  You can come in and purchase a new one - we have 16 in stock."  Thank you, I'll try GE directly.  Why do appliances go out on the weekends?  On Monday I called and they were very nice and sent out a repair guy the next day to look at it - at their cost.  The hook that holds the tray inside burned and once that happens if you try to use the machine it will continue to spark.  He took out the plastic part and ordered a new one.  It works great now and thank you, GE, for taking care of my microwave 18 days after the warranty.  All it cost me was a few minutes on the phone. 

As of now everything seems to be in working order.