Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheap Chicken

If you eat a lot of chicken breasts like we do you definitely want to register at this site here.

Unfortunately, the chicken sold out very fast, but if you register you will receive an email letting you know what events are coming up.  The chicken this time was only $1.49 per pound!  You have to buy in a minimum order of 40 pounds - baby it's worth it.

I've bought 7% fat hamburger for around $2.89/lb and bacon for about the same.  If you won't be able to use all the meat, go in with a friend.  That's what I did with the bacon. 

I wanted to make sure you were aware of this company and the great prices they offer.  I've been very happy with my purchases and I'm sure you will be too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A near miss - praise God!

How often do you start your dishwasher, laundry, or whatever, and leave to run errands, go to bed or just don't pay attention?  I do all the time.  We went away for the weekend and I started the dishwasher and we took off.  I usually run the dishwasher just before I go to bed. 

We got home from a weekend in the RV and after cleaning it out and putting everything away, I ran a load of dishes.  I was busy around the house and began to smell as though something plastic had landed on the heating element.  Checked and nothing there.  Closed door and went back to my tasks. 

A few minutes later the smell was getting stronger so I checked again.  Nothing.  Strange.  Closed the door.  Thankfully I didn't walk away because smoke began to billow out of the crack of the dishwasher door, and boy did it begin to smell electrical.  I opened the door to stop the cycle but water kept spewing from the wands for about 4 seconds.  The water finally stopped as I was reaching for the fire extinguisher.  The smoke finally stopped but our house smelled so bad - even with fans blowing and doors and windows open! 

I know by God's grace we were saved from a full blown electrical fire!  I am so thankful for what didn't happen - it didn't happen when we were gone.  It didn't happen when we were in bed.  It didn't happen to become a fire.  Thank you Lord, for again, as always, watching over my home and family.

The next day, we spent 4 hours shopping for a new dishwasher and were able to have it installed the following day.

I do love my modern conveniences.