Friday, March 22, 2013

Not on Friday

I am not playing hooky; but I am home from work today.
My boss knows.
I have the NCAA basketball first round games on the TV in the background.  I LOVE this tournament.

I'm not home because I want to watch the games; well, I do, but that is not why I'm home.  My son has a bad tooth and we are waiting to leave for the dentist.  That - getting an appointment to the dentist - on a Friday was eight calls in the making (actually it was far more than that, I'm not counting the numerous calls I made and received the answering machine AFTER the time it told me they would be open).

Oh my.  Do not have to see a dentist on a Friday!  My son's tooth started hurting pretty bad last night so he would have to be seen today because we didn't want to wait through the weekend.  And really, why should we?  So I called his dentist and the recording told me they opened at 7:00 am.  Great.  Called a few minutes after 7 and called a few more times and every time received the answering machine.  The office is a block away, so we decided to drive over.  Maybe they forgot to turn off the machine.  Nope.  Nobody in.  As we left, I saw a girl walking into the building and thought maybe that was an employee.  Got back home and called again.  Yes, she was the worker, but didn't know how to reach the dentist and she was going to be the only one in.  After a few minutes she saw a note that had the on-call dentist's number.  OK, now we are getting somewhere.  I call him.  Nope.  He is closed and I can call his home number.  I call and leave a message.  (He did call me back about 2 hours later.)

I decided to call my dentist.  Guess what?  They were closed.  The recording said if I had an emergency I could call the dentist's cell phone.  I did.  He answered his phone.  He gave me a few names to contact.  He actually would have come in to see my son, but had previous plans and was leaving town.

I tried the first two names.
And - they - were - closed.

I called the final option he gave me.  It's the office next to his.  A live person answers the phone.  Yes, they can see him.  We set the time.  Oh, by the way, the office near you is closed.  We are located across town.  Do you still want to come in?  Are you kidding?!  You are the only ones open.  Of course I'm coming in!

So you now get to read about my frustrating morning trying to get into a dentist while I wait for our appointment.  I get so see a bit of basketball, my boss said to take care of my baby and he'll see me Monday (I have the best boss) and my son should be feeling better soon.

I hope you have a great weekend.