Monday, July 23, 2012

4.3 Miles

Yes, I actually ran 4.3 miles!  I really can't believe it, but I did it.  So did my hubby!  We signed up to run in a road race and the proceeds are used to help bring clean water/wells to the people of Kenya. 

Aren't these kids just too cute! 
How can you not want to help out?

I really don't like to run, but am trying to run a couple of miles just to add something more to my exercising.  Confession:  I really haven't exercised since my dad died and really need to get back into it. 

I was worried how I would do, but kept at a nice slow and steady pace.  Then I think about these little guys and they have to haul their water from that dirty river (look - the animals do all their regular animal stuff in there).  This is the water they cook, clean, drink and bathe in.  We take our every day ease for granted, at least I do.  I run to the sink to wash my hands.  Turn on the hose and water the lawn and flowers.  Wash the dog dishes and fill with clean water every day.  Flush toilets.  I know I have it so easy and am blessed beyond my dreams.  My hubby and I were happy to sign up and pay for this race.  We plan to run again next year and have our kids either run or volunteer. 

I hope your weekend was fulfilling.