Thursday, October 4, 2012

What's Happenin, Hot Stuff?

Gedde Watanabe as Long Duk Dong.

"What's happenin hot stuff?"

If you loved watching movies in the 80's (yes, some of us are that old) then you probably remember that line.  It's from Sixteen Candles.  A movie I can quote a few lines from - I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

OK, on to the real post which consists up mundane stuff that has been going on in my life.  Ran into a friend at Costco.  Great to see her and catch up for a few minutes.  Actually, I think I was the one catching her up more than her.  I have a way of doing that - me talking too much.  I love the random runnings into of others.  This one was a planned-from-above running into. 

The back story:  My son is looking at what he wants to do after high school and has gone through a number of career ideas.  Each one seems to be built upon the previous and he's now into engineering and thinks he's narrowed down a specialty.  He started scouting out schools for a previous career path and we were led to look at a specific school.  As he explored this new school's different majors, he kept going back to one in particular.  He may have found the major to pursue.

Now I'm in Costco and run into my friend.  I was telling her about my son's pursuit and she mentioned the same college.  I love those divine interventions.  The more we look into this school and the options available, the more it feels right and that this is the place for my son.  We are going to visit it later this month.  I'm very excited to see it all in person. 

Here's the good news - This school is out of state for us but they have a program with surrounding states that allow out of state students to pay a reduced rate.  When all tolled, to attend the out of state university is cheaper than attending either of our two largest in state universities.  So it's cheaper to leave than to stay.  How sad is that!

My daughter came home sick today.  She's been fighting a cold (actually, we all are) and finally needed an afternoon of rest.  She plays volleyball so she hasn't had any down time.  As soon as she gets home she eats, showers and does homework.  Hours of homework.  She is an honor student and this year has some very hard classes.  She's actually working on some homework while hanging out on the couch right now.  Poor thing.

This is my busy week at work.  All our bills have to go out and we are putting on a training class, which I have helped organize.  I love the organizing part.  Had some great BBQ delivered for lunch!  Tomorrow is oriental - yum!

I've been missing my dad lately.  I think it's because my hubby and I are in a small group and the topics lately have been on heaven and hell and it makes me think of Dad.  I know he's in heaven.  Plus, I found out yesterday an elderly relative who dad loved passed away over the weekend. 

I've lost my motivation to work out.  Anyone have any tricks to jump start a desire to exercise again? 

It's starting to cool down.  Fall is coming.  Now I can break out the sweaters and sweatshirts.  I like to bundle up.  The electric blanket has already been turned on the last few nights.  I'm trying not to crank up the heat, but I think I'm going cave soon because it's getting cold inside.  I just checked...our temperature says 65 degrees.  That's inside the house.  Brr.

So I ask you, "What's been happenin, hot stuff?"