Friday, September 14, 2012


As I was driving to work today a rush of gratefulness came over me.  Do you ever get those moments, where out of the blue, you start reflecting on something?  Or an idea or thought comes to you that was not related to what you were doing, where you were going, or what you were planning?  I love it when that happens.  I cherish those quick, spontaneous, out of the blue, moments.  I know it's God's little whisper to me, just between us at that moment. 

So this morning, I'm driving and I was reminded of how blessed I am which allowed me to appreciate all that God does for me and my family.  Here's a list (not all inclusive, of course) of some of the things I am so grateful for, and in no particular order....

1.  My kids.  I have really good kids!  I trust them.  They are honest (at least as far as I know, smile).  And, they are ultra intelligent! 

2.  My job.  I have THE BEST job!  A big part of that is because I have a great boss.  How many people get to say that?  No, he doesn't read this or know I have this blog.

3.  Related to #2, I only work part-time.  What a blessing.

4.  My hubby.  He is my support in all ways.  He is strong, intelligent, confident, and loves me.  With all that we've gone through the first part of the year I think many families would have a hard time coming through it stronger.  We have.

5.  Our cars.  There are four drivers in this family and each has a working car to drive.  What a blessing for us all!

6.  Our finances.  We don't have much but we don't owe much.  Makes for a good end of the month.

7.  My extended family.  I grew up with a great family.  Had fabulous parents (I don't know how they did it!).  I can now say I love to be around all my sisters.  Confession:  I didn't always like a sister or two at a time or two when I was young.  I know they felt the same way about me and I have a scar to prove it.  I know, I never let you forget that.  But really, four sisters have so much fun together.  When dad was ill and we were all together visiting he had to tell us a few times to quiet down.  I also have the best, and most fun, Uncle and cousins. 

8.  My faith.  I have a God who loves ME.  I am selfish and stubborn and He loves me anyway.  And to top that, He even had His Son die for me.  My small group just looked over some scripture about what happens after we die.  How grateful I am that I won't be where there is gnashing of teeth but instead with the love of my heavenly Father and Son, Jesus.

9.  My friends.  What support, love, and laughter we have. 

10.  Life.  I am grateful that I get to live a fabulous life with all the above.

I hope you can spend some time this weekend thinking of what you are grateful for.  Enjoy!

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