Friday, August 10, 2012


My hubby and I love each other very much but for our birthday or Mother's or Father's Day we don't do much for each other.  It's just one of those things we both agree on.  Many times we don't even give a card.  Same with our anniversary.  And we are both totally OK with that.  Neither of us feels slighted.  We definitely give best wishes to each other on these days but that's close to all we get.

I do make a prime rib roast for our anniversary and Valentine's Day.  He usually does stop at the grocery store and brings home some flowers for me for Valentine's Day.  Normally, though, those Hallmark days pass and Hallmark loses money on us. 

Christmas is another story.  We both try to get a couple of items the other has been wanting.  Many times they are practical items and that is fine because it's something we've been wanting.  I always make sure the kids receive gifts for their birthdays.  I won't deprive them (or me) of that fun and joy. 

So imagine my surprise when the man carrying a huge bouquet of flowers came into my office and presented me with those flowers.  He asked if it was my birthday or a special day and I said no.  He saw my stunned look and said to smile and just enjoy it.  He said those are the deliveries he loves to give because they are surprises.  Yes it was! 

My dear hubby had flowers delivered to me, just because.  He wanted to send me love and let me know he was thinking of me.  I am so blessed.  And are you just a little jealous?  Oh, they smelled delicious.  Too bad you can't smell them too.

Have you had any fun surprised lately?

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