Saturday, December 3, 2011


Our Toy Tree

I can't belive it's already December.  My daughter said she wanted all the Christmas decorations up this year.  Last year I cut back on what I put up so I promised I would do a better job this year.  Thanksgiving weekend I usually get the decorations up.  I did manage to decorate with the outside lights and get the living room decorated (this includes the tree).  Half way done. 

Today I finished the rest of the house, which includes our family room that has another, smaller "toy" tree (the small tree with all the kids ornaments) as well as the fireplace mantle with the stockings.  I actually found a new spot to decorate and new items to include this year.  The house is very festive and looks like Christmas, and Santa, are ready to come. 

The next item on the get done before Christmas list are the Christmas cards.  I send picture cards and actually have the cards on order.  I even have most of my shopping done.  No snow but it is getting cold, so I guess December really is here and I guess I really can believe it's December.

Hope your Christmas planning is going well and you don't get bogged down on the little details.  It's not the shopping or the tree trimming, or even the snow that makes Christmas so wonderful.  No, it's the birth of our Lord and everything else is just decoration.

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  1. So pretty! I'm jealous, I can't put anything fun up this year because Evan is into e v e r y t h i n g!!! How long have you been doing a toy tree? I just got a free artificial one on Freecycle this year so E. wouldn't eat the tree and it's the exact same kind as "our" toy tree of years gone by. I'm even thinking of saving it to put up in our family room as a toy tree (whenever we build our deck/front door/family room/patio)! Merry Christmas!!!