Thursday, December 22, 2011


I hope your Christmas season has been filled with merriment, or at least the chance to attend a few parties.  To keep the festivities going even after the new year, here are a few ideas to use as excuses to host a party (like we ever need an excuse to have a party). 

One idea that stands out first and foremost, obviously, is to host a coffee.  Invite neighbors, friends, or co-workers and provide coffee and enjoy each other's company.  I like to send out the invitation and then I wait for the appointed hour with anticipation to see who shows.  It's always the perfect number and the exact people that should be there. 

Here are other ideas that are all "exchanges".  Each idea has a theme to it, a specific purpose for the get-together.  Of course, the main goal of the party is to have time with others, but sometimes it's fun to have a specific reason for the time together.  Some of these exchange parties I have attended, others are ideas that I would enjoy.  The idea is that each person who shows brings the theme item and all who show exchange their items with what the others brought. 

~ Book Exchange.  Everyone brings a book, or more, and takes home new ones to read.  Great way to recycle and enjoy a new read.

~ Christmas Ornaments.  Perfect for this time of year.  What a fun way to end the Christmas holiday.

~ Kid's Clothing or Toys.  Once your little one is tired of his/her toys or outgrown that cute outfit, share it with other moms who could use some new-again items.

~ Recipe Exchange.  You can leave this one open or choose what type of recipes (i.e. appetizers or dessert).  Have everyone bring enough recipes to share as well as the item so it can be sampled by all.  Yum.

~ Accessory Exchange.  Do you have necklaces, scarves, handbags, etc. that you just don't wear or use anymore?  Now this party is the perfect one to have to clean out the closet or dresser and then replenish with great items others will bring.

I saved one of my favorite parties I've gone to for last.  My friend that hosts this annual party (at Christmas time) puts on such a festive party.  Her home is impeccably decorated.  She makes the most delicious goodies.  But the reason I enjoy this party so much is because I enjoy her company.  She has the biggest heart and is just a joy to be around.  So her party is one of my favorites.

~ Mug Exchange.  This exchange is misleading.  The guests usually provide a gift basket filled with other goodies to go along with the mug.  Sweet treats, lotions, coffee or cocoa, and other festive items complete the mug exchange gifts.  We exchange via the white elephant system - each person picks a wrapped gift or "steals" an already opened gift.  Much fun and ruthless stealing ensues.  And all walk away with smiles.

So there you have it.  Ideas and excuses to host your own party.  Party on my dear friends.

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