Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I recently had a coffee at my house.  The things I look forward to when I plan a coffee....
1.  Creating the invitation
2.  Deciding what goodies to make
3.  Who will show - will anyone show?
And my husband's favorite...
4.  Having a clean home

Sometimes my husband will ask if I'm having a coffee any time soon because the house needs a good cleaning (I'm the first to admit, and my husband is the second, that I'm not the world's best cleaner.  Actually, I'm not the anything's best cleaner).  So, sometimes I decide to have a coffee just to get me to do some extra cleaning - and it always works.

I enjoy having a coffee get-together in December because the house is festive with Christmas decorations and there are so many dessert ideas to choose from.  This time I had shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate (some sprinkled with crushed candy cane) and seven layer bars.  My daughter loved the seven layer bars. 

This time I only had one person show and it was a sweet neighbor lady.  I don't know this woman very well, so it was a treat for me to have her all to myself for an hour and get to know her better.  This is what's so great about hosting the coffees.  I prepare for ten but expect none.  With these expectations, each coffee is always a success.  Refer back to the four items above.

I only have three or four coffees a year - I don't do any during the summer months.  I'll be planning another as Spring gets closer.  By then my house will need a good cleaning.


  1. Wish I could've come! Maybe next time...via skype!

  2. Hi Peggy - It is Cindy Mueller! I loved your Christmas card this year. You look great and David & Ashlyn are great looking kids. My cousin in Spokane had twins this summer and I'm their god-mother, so I hope to be over your way more often and would love to see you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Hugs,Cindy

  3. I just keep picturing your bedroom in Bellevue in my mind...too bad you didn't host coffees back in high school! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    You are looking fabulous, by the way!
    I would absolutely LOVE to see you when you head over here!!!
    Where in Spokane does your cousin live?
    Say Hi to your mom for me.