Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Life just doesn’t seem to slow down.  One set of activities end and a whole new set begins.  One child ends sports and the other begins a new season, hopefully.  We begin the horrible process of club volleyball tryouts.  This is a terribly competitive and grueling week.  Girls go to a variety of teams for two hours to showcase themselves with at least 30 others trying to prove themselves as well.  The all-stars show off beautifully.  The others, the ones that love the sport, understand the sport and are competitive but not the #1 player don’t have much of a chance to demonstrate their abilities.  When your daughter falls in the latter group it is very frustrating to see dreams potentially crushed.  What’s a mom to do?  Pray, support and encourage. 

I wrote the above Sunday night while sitting through our second tryout of the day.  We felt good after this 2nd one.  Next comes the wait.  Some teams call the night of the tryout.  You get to find out right away if you are "chosen" or not.  Is that a good thing to know so quickly?  Sometimes I'm not so sure.  But on the other hand, the wait is excruciating.  Some teams will call ONLY if you made it.  So you wait and after a couple of days come to realize you weren't the one.  Now do you understand a bit more why this is such an agonizing week?  The next night, off to another team's tryout. 

We got the call Monday that my daughter is an alternate.  This means she was good, but not good enough to be their top 10.  Odds are, a girl or two will end up deciding to go with another club so that opens a spot for the alternates.  We don't know where on the alternate list we are.  So we plan to attend more tryouts this week. 

Then at 9:45 pm another call came in from the Sunday morning tryout.  I see my daughter talking with the coach and then she hangs up.  I'm gearing up for my "so sorry honey" speech, but that never happened.  She made the first team she tried out for!  We are so excited!  Neither of us thought this was the team she would make.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I think I am more relieved to know she was "wanted" more than she.  I'm also thrilled I don't have to take her to more tryouts the rest of the week.

So we will be moving on to a new season after all.

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