Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And then there was one.

I now only have one child at home.  We dropped one off at college and now it's just the three of us.

I did exceptionally well, I must say, controlling my tears.  (I am a weeper!  I carry this family in the emotional area of tears since I tend to be the only one equipped with them.)

I took a few days off from work, we loaded, and I mean LOADED, up the car and headed off to take my son to college and then look at a couple of other schools for my daughter.  Dropping him off brought back so many memories of my college life.  So many fun times.  So many hard times, too.  But all a part of the transition from the comforts of home to eventually being out on my own.  I loved college and am excited for my kids to experience all college life has to offer.  I met my best girlfriend at school and of course the best part was meeting my husband.  We are about to hit our 24th wedding anniversary.  At 25 years we will be empty nesters!

Back to current events.  We got him unloaded, bed made, and off to the bookstore to pick up shirts and sweatshirts.  We barely saw him after that.  He got his books and took off.  We made our purchases and walked the campus.  Beautiful school with amazing views.  Met up with him back in his room to say good-bye and we were off for a three hour drive to visit a school for my daughter. 

No tears!

Next morning up and out to meet with the admissions counselor and walk the grounds of potential school #1.  Another beautiful campus.  I really liked the school and felt it was a perfect fit for my daughter but wanted to hear her thoughts.  She was feeling the same.  

Back in the car for a two hour drive to visit potential school #2.  A much bigger university, 14,000 students versus 1,000 from the school we just came from.  Very good school, another beautiful campus in a wonderful town.  I didn't get the personal vibe like the first.  My daughter liked it but felt it was quite large.  If she pursues the major she is currently thinking she wants to do, then school #1 would be the best fit - and she thinks so too. 

Back in the car for the last one hour drive back to the town my son is in.

Up the next morning to go to convocation for the freshmen and see him for the last time until, most likely, Christmas break.  We said our good-byes and prayed over him.  He told us he is looking forward to us leaving (brat :)) and my last "I love you" was a bit raspy from holding back a few tears as I got in the car.  But that was all. 

I am comforted knowing this is the school I believe God chose for him to attend.  We drove the five hours home, picked up our dogs, ordered a pizza and began to settle in as a family of three.

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