Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Splurged

When you see that title do you think dessert?  Or maybe a new outfit?  Or shoes?  Maybe something for the house?  The last option is close.  I did splurge but I don't think you will ever guess on what.  Get ready.....I splurged on.....hangers.  Yup.  I bought new hangers. 

My bedroom closet is a double size closet, with one end at an angle so we lose some valuable hang-able space.  It could be much smaller and I am truly grateful for what we have, but our clothes are crammed in that closet.  I like to hang most of my clothes (partly because we have only one dresser for the both of us).  Yes, I probably have other issues when I have so many clothes.  Let's ignore that for the time being.

Back to my cramped closet.  I can barely move the clothes to take out an item or put one back.  Take a look yourself.

Trust me - trying to push the clothes to the side to make room was nearly impossible.

I've seen TV promos for space saving hangers but was skeptical.  Really, just changing out hangers is going to give that much more space?  Ha, I scoffed.

I saw some of those hangers on sale at a local store so I decided to try a few, just to test it out.  There were only two packs of hangers left and I bought them.  I switched out the old hangers for the new and it did seem to give a bit of room.  Hmm.  Maybe there really is something to this.  I counted how many items we have (I'm only going to say it hit three digits) and went to the store's website.  There I found a good deal on the hangers and even qualified for free shipping.

They arrived last week and I switched out my hubby's clothes first.  Wow!  There really is more room.  I have more clothes than him, so my side will really be the test.  I switched out my side tonight and I can say I am impressed.  I can actually push clothes to one side and there is more than a fingers width of space. 

This was NOT possible with the old hanger!

I now want to get the pant/skirt hangers for the final items (those were sold out).  Not only do I have more room, but the clothes look so nice hanging on all the same type of hanger.  I think I had every type of hanger imaginable: wire, tube, clear plastic, nicer store quality with the sticky edges.  Now I have all the same style and my hanging items look so nice and neat.

Out with the old and in with the new.

 Now if I can only get the shoes looking so organized I'd be set.

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