Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

Some random likes and dislikes of mine.....

1.  Flavored salts.  Have you tried these?  They are great!  I keep a bunch on my table in a cute wooden carrier.

2.  My job.  I am completing five years there and really like what I am doing.  I'm so thankful I can go work at a place I enjoy.

3.  Volleyball.  Specifically when my daughter makes her first choice team for the club volleyball season.

4.  Brussels Sprouts.  This is my new favorite vegetable.  I like to cut the ends off and remove any bad outer leaves.  Then cut in half length wise, spray with olive oil and sprinkle with Kosher salt then bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes until brown.  Hmm hmm good.

5.  The political season has ended!  Enough said.

6.  Words with Friends. 

7.  My son receiving his acceptance letter to the college of his choice.  And by the way, the only one he applied to.

1.  Volleyball tryouts.  The whole process is nerve wracking and stressful.  So many girls vying for so few spots.
2.  Anything with Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I'm sick of seeing Christmas trees, ornaments and hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  Let's celebrate one holiday before the other shows up.

3.  House cleaning.  And my house reflects this dislike, unfortunately.

4.  Scooping the backyard (we have dogs).  Sorry about that one.  Just did it since it is not currently raining

5.  The political season. 

Hopefully these were not the typical answers you were expecting.  So what are some things you like, or dislike, that not too many others would know about you?


  1. Likes: David's imitation of Celtic Women, worshiping God in French, unpasteurized cheese, climbing into a well-made bed, and colorful socks!

    Dislikes: Angry drivers, pantyhose, misspelled words, paperwork of any kind, and discovering the fully prepared (but un-served) fruit salad in the refrigerator when cleaning up after Thanksgiving.

    1. Oh my gosh. The discovered un-served salad...I totally get that!
      I also dislike finding coupons/dollars off cards at stores I just shopped and didn't use. Ugh! Enjoy your fruit salad with your family :)