Saturday, July 27, 2013


How have you all been?  It seems like we have been going non-stop but don't have much to show for it.  Ever have one of those days....or weeks?

The last couple of weeks have kept us going.  My hubby is working hours a day on painting the house.  He's painting by hand and we have boards that have grooves in them, so he has to use the paint brush for the grooves and can roll the flat; which means double the time to paint.  But it sure is looking great!  It took over 20 samples of paint to find the color we settled on.  Actually, it was one of the first we liked but needed to work through all the other colors to be sure.  Even when we decided on the color it felt more like we were settling on it and that it was the best of the bunch.  There was never a moment of, 'This is THE one!" feeling.  Now that it's on, we are loving it!  I am so happy with the color (it's a green with a bit of blue tint).  The more the house gets painted the happier I am that we chose this one.

There has also been a lot of tending to household items and getting ready for our son to head off to college.  We've been making many lists, one of the things I do which you can read more about here.  Trying to be frugal, we are using as much from home as possible (like towels, pillow, blankets, etc.).  We thought we were doing a great job by buying some sheet sets last fall for super cheap.  Come to find out, beds in colleges are twin XL, who knew?  I'm keeping those sheet sets for when my son moves into an apartment.  Plus it's been so long since we purchased them I am sure the store won't take them back. 

The gal that hit my husband and daughter finally had her day in court.  That had been pushed back multiple times.  We did not take her to court, the state did.  She was under the influence of Meth and had other drugs in the car and was an unlicensed driver when she hit them.  Plus she had been charged with a crime prior to our crash.  She is in jail for a bit longer and I do hope she can stay out of trouble when released.

We finished our softball season - didn't end well, but that's OK.  Just indicative of the way this year went.  Had a very enjoyable barbecue party after though.  That really is the highlight of the season.  The one takeaway we had for this year is we discovered a great new pizza place.  Hubby and I have gone back a few times and found a "keeper" for a go-to place for dinner. 

No big plans for the weekend.  My daughter is away at her friend's cabin and of course hubby is outside painting as I type.  My only plan is to tackle the laundry, dishes and clean up this filthy home since it's been neglected for the last couple of weeks. 

How about you?  What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. I can't wait to see your finished house!