Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I need a maid

   I HATE cleaning!  Seriously, I am the worst housekeeper.  I can pick up any room lickity split, but when it comes to actually cleaning - that's another story and it doesn't have a good ending.  That's one of the reasons we had kids - train them on how to clean so I don't have to. ; o)

We have a joke at my house....my husband asks if I'm inviting anyone over soon because the house needs cleaned.  True?  Yes.  Pathetic?  Yes.  It is a joke, but it is also my sad reality.  We were in one of those dirty places and it just so happened that my daughter's volleyball team was looking to have a get-together to view film and have some team bonding.  Perfect.  My excuse to clean.  So I offered our home and the girls came, ate pizza, watched game film and even tye-dyed t-shirts.  And my home is clean!  I even vacuumed the stairs.  So come on over and see the clean house.  Oh, wait.  By the time you get here I'm sure it will need another cleaning.  Somehow the clean doesn't last long at all.  Oh well.  You can come anyway, just look past the dust and dishes and whatever is causing a mess.

What do you do when you have to tackle a task you don't want to or don't like doing?

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