Saturday, October 5, 2013

A really nice day

Or a really nice weekend.

Last night my daughter was hanging out with her friends so my hubby and I went out to dinner.  It is so nice not having to worry about how the kids are going to eat.  I've decided a while ago that come Fridays I am not cooking.  I'll put in a take-n-bake pizza, but that's the extent of my Friday cooking.  We enjoyed an enjoyable night out - good food and drink and wonderful company.

Today we decided to go to our college's football game.  I forgot that it was homecoming, and our graduating years were part of the homecoming festivities.  We got to the game at half time and walked to the alumni area. Within a few seconds, I hear my name called and see a couple of gals I haven't seen in years!  Oh how fun it was to see these gals.  We exchange Christmas cards but that's about all the communication I've had with them.  And how pathetic, one of them lives in town here with me.  I spent the entire time chatting with them.  My dear hubby went to watch a bit of the game.  I have the local gal's email and really hope to rekindle a friendship with her.

I can't believe it's been just over 25 years since I graduated from college.  Oh my. I'm getting old.  But, my friend is my age and has kids that are just starting school where mine are just finishing.  I like the just finishing school kids better.  Next year at this time I will be an empty nester; and I'm OK with that.  Actually, I'm kind of excited about that. 

Our plans for tomorrow are to get to church then go to the traveling Vietnam Memorial that is in our city.  I never really liked history, but I sure do want to see this memorial because I am extremely patriotic and very military supportive.  My Dad was Air Force so anything that has to do with the military defaults as near and dear to me. 

To top it all off, we have have great sunny weather.  So with it being only Saturday night, I'm still predicting this to be a great weekend. 

How has your weekend been panning out?

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  1. Sounds like a nice night and hopefully a great weekend! We were busy, busy, busy. Friday night was marching band rehearsal. Thankfully the directors chose not to take the band to the away football game (which we won). Up early Saturday morning for Marching Band competition all day. K was picked up at 7am then T had a soccer game (they lost), we came home, showered and T was off to a birthday party and sleep over. I then went to the high school for my work portion of the competition. After driving another girl home, we got home at 10:30pm. K was exhausted and super sunburned. Up early Sunday morning because K was helping in the toddler room at church. Then we had a bit of relaxing before we picked up Rob from the airport, he had been gone for 2 weeks. Phew, I need a weekend to relax from my weekend. The girls have 2 weeks off for Fall Break and Intersession so they slept in today...may still be asleep.