Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's not about the numbers

Before the school year winds down I always like to get in a coffee at my house.  Actually, I've been able to have two since the beginning of the year.  Summer is off limits to official coffees, though I have no objections to meeting up with friends at a local coffee house.  I'll have one in the fall again, after kids are back in school. 

Each coffee starts the same: pick a date and send out the invite then decide on some snacks.  The date arrives and I wait, usually not knowing who will attend.  It's a fun guessing game as to who may show.  I've had close to 10 show and once no one showed.  And I love it no matter what.

Last week one gal was able to come.  I felt so special having her all to myself.  I love hearing her stories and she has this wonderful way of challenging me with thought provoking questions.  She is a deep thinker, something I am not. 

My previous coffee was such a blessing to me.  Three wonderful friends showed up (clarification: all those on my invite list are wonderful!).  I was able to catch up with a couple of the gals and find out some very significant changes happening in their lives and discover what their kids were up to.  We sit at the table, nibble on treats, sip coffee or tea and enjoy each.  The time files by.

This coffee was especially touching for me because my friend, who has been in France for a few years, was back in the states and made sure her schedule cleared to come to my coffee.  This was the first time the family was back in the states since they left so they were filled with appointments and time with friends and family - and my house was one of her stops.  I am pretty sure she was tired from her non-stop schedule; rejuvenated, but tired.  Little does she realize how much she encouraged me to see her and hear, first-hand, how life in France is and how their call to love the French as Christ loved her has been going.  If you'd like to follow her adventures of loving Christ and being a French church planter, you can at her blog, Four For France.

These coffees allow me to slow down and take in life with friends.  Something I need to do much more often.

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  1. You just made my day! Wish I could come more often, I am always blessed by coffee at your home. At least I can follow your blog!