Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We're Back!

We recently had our spring break and this year we took a trip!  We NEVER go anywhere on spring break.  This was a trip that was bitter-sweet.   We had my father-in-law's memorial services during the trip, but we also had some play time.  We went to Hawaii.  Yes, this was our view from our hotel. We were spoiled.

My FIL lived on the islands for over 50 years and his wife is buried there, so of course he was buried there as well.  The entire family came out and we had a beautiful church service to remember him and saw family friends and colleagues.  He was a very bold Christian man and we were honored to remember him and his stories.  We had a couple of women perform a hula interpretation to the Mercy Me song, "I Can Only Imagine".  I'm sure you can imagine it was beautiful.

We also had a military service at the VA cemetery since he had spent a few years in the Navy.  I was so impressed by that.  To see the two men walk so ceremoniously, display the colors, hear Taps, and have the flag presented to my husband was such an honor to be a part of. 

We were able to have some fun, too.....

We had a great time at a luau. 

Swing bridge at the zip line.

 The crater of a volcano.  We walked around half of it then walked the floor back to the start.  Steam was still coming up in some places.
Here we are on the volcano floor.
 Here is the more active volcano.  We couldn't drive to the other end because it wasn't safe.

 Good advice to follow!

 The other hotel we stayed at.  This is how the "other half" vacation.  We enjoyed it because we usually don't stay at places like this.
 Not only were there wild cats (and darling kittens) but wild turkeys roaming the hotel grounds.

The reasons that got us to Hawaii were solemn ones.  FIL passed away a few days after Christmas so we had time to process his passing before we left and enjoy being back on the islands and remembering him.  We also knew he would have loved knowing his family was together and enjoying the state he called home.

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